In order to be elected as the next District 2 Municipal Court Judge I will need your help.  There will be many opportunities to help encourage our community to vote for Rodney Harris, Esq to become the next Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge.

Be a Leader

To be considered a “Leader”, donate or raise (through friendraising)  a total sum of $500, or host or co-host an event. In addition to attending events, Leaders are encouraged to take on a leadership role planning events and/or inviting their friends.

Become a Member

To be a Member, you can contribute $100 or $250 as a one time contribution or in increments of $10 or $25.  Members are invited to all activities and are encouraged to participate!

Justice For All

I need your help.  In order to win the race I will need as many people in our communities spreading the word about "Justice for All" and encouraging others to vote for Rodney Harris to become the next Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge.

Join The 100

I am all in.  If you are prepared to give your best, then so are you.  Let's work together to ensure proper and fair judgement is given to all our citizens.  If you believe in "Justice for All" then join The 100 and make a pledge to give or raise $100 or more.  All donations help so give and encourage others to do the same.

Post a Sign

Show your support by posting a sign.  Everyone can download our digital signs and show your support by posting your Rodney Harris for Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge, District 2 sign on your social media page.  Please use #RHarris4Judge.